Why join us?

By joining this learned and professional body - IBNLP, you are investing in your professional study and professionalism. It reflects your aspiration to represent the highest possible standards and be networked with our professional and membership groups with similar interests that drive changes in your profession. We provide accreditation for the following professions,

  • NLP practitioner (basic and master)
  • NLP instructor
  • NLP therapist
  • Hypnosis therapist
  • Art therapist
  • Projective Drawing Analyst
  • Mediator
  • Mediation Specialist
Our objectives are to promote and advance the scientific study and professional practice of NLP for the benefit of the community; to promote the dissemination of hypnotic knowledge and education, locally, nationally and internationally; and to promote high standards and guide ethical practice in the teaching, research, professional training and practice of hypnosis.
- President of IBNLP

How to register as member?

We are currently not accepting direct application from individuals. Any interested parties MUST apply via us or our regional heads. Regional heads are the approved local partner to carry necessary assessment to the programmes providers in their languages. They will provide us with their findings and be countersigned on the certificate that to be awarded to the individual.

Remarks: Applications will be passed to our regional heads if you are fall under specified location like Hong Kong, China, Macau and Taiwan.

Regional Head APAC: Hong Kong NLP Academic Centre

Documents required for application 

- Proof of the programme completion [Certificate and Result Slips will work fine]

- The Programme Handbook / Descriptor detailing concepts that covered 

- Passport / Identity document to confirm your identity 

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How much does it cost?


There is a Lifetime Subscription, which at present is as follows:

NLP Instructor: £1000 (Approved Schools) / £1200 (Other Schools)

NLP Master Practitioner: £600 (Approved Schools) / £800 (Other Schools)

NLP Basic Practitioner: £450 (Approved Schools) / £650 (Other Schools)

Certified NLP/ Hypno- Therapist (Annual): £200 per year

Certified Hypnotherapist (Lifetime): £450 (Approved Schools) / £650 (Other Schools)

Certified Master Hypnotherapist (Lifetime): £750 (Approved Schools) / £950 (Other Schools)

Hypnosis Instructor (Lifetime): £1000 (Approved Schools) / £1200 (Other Schools)

Art therapist (Lifetime): £600 (Approved Schools) / £1000 (Other Schools)

Projective Drawing Analyst (Lifetime): £400 (Approved Schools) / £600 (Other Schools)

Mediator (Lifetime): £1000 (Approved Schools) / £1200 (Other Schools)

Mediation Specialist (Lifetime): £700 (Approved Schools) / £900 (Other Schools)

To become Approved NLP/Hypnosis Training School/Institute, one of the Instructor must be a certified NLP Therapist from the institution. Instructor is required to provide programme syllabus and sample of teaching materials of their NLP courses. Application will be charged an assessment fee as of £1000 and be subject approval from the IBNLP Institution Approval Panel.