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This forum is specifically designed for trainers to introduce themselves and find new opportunities.
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We are creating this forum for trainers to showcase their work and promote themselves to the public. In order to ensure the quality of content here, we have set some requirements for posts.

Title: Posts should be titled in the following format:

[NLP/Hypnosis/Art/Mediation] Trainer Name - [Special Features or Category of Your Course]

Content: All posts should be in English. Although it is fine to have a translated version beneath the English content, the main post should always be in English. Only trainers are allowed to post here, and only one post per month is allowed.

We hope that, with these standards, trainers can make the most of this forum to promote their work and highlight their special features or the categories of courses they offer. Thank you for your understanding.

The International Board Of Neuro Linguistic Programming