Uniting          World-Class Professionals Across the Globe


Established in 2014 by a group of professionals, International Board Of Holistic-Health (IBH) and International Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (IBNLP) has since grown to be the leading international organisation for Holistic Health and NLP. We are continuously striving for excellence to promote personal growth and development for all. 

Internationally Renowned Pioneers 
We dedicated to the advancement of holistic health and neuro-linguistic programming through superior quality therapeutic support and instruction.
Unrivalled Quality of Professional Expertise
Team of international experts provide an unparalleled level of professionalism and experience, giving you the assurance that you’re in safe hands.
until now and still continues to expand and remain at the forefront of modern hypnotherapy and NLP techniques

Our Services

We offer educational materials and guidelines, ensuring those who study acquire the best possible knowledge and understanding.
We offer certifications to recognise those who demonstrate a mastery of the topics taught.
The International Board of Holistic-Health and NLP provides accreditation services of the highest possible standard. 
Our members are provided with unique support and formal recognition for their qualifications and achievements.


The standards for each membership level outlined remain largely consistent with other countries. Compliance with these standards is voluntary worldwide, hence you may encounter individuals teaching Holistic-Health or Neuro Linguistic Programming who do not adhere to these criteria. We strongly advocate for our Accredited Institutes, and when you come across the seal of approval from the International Board of Holistic-Health and International Board of NLP, below, you can be assured that the training institute has committed to upholding this esteemed level of excellence.

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